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Recolution of your eye-experience

Spreading true emotions all around the world.
Overdigm is the one and only company that has
exclusive patents on 3D display mapping.
Once you experience Overdigm’s spectacular 3D display,
it will be an experience you will never forget.
Overdigm's 3D display Other company's 3D display
When view number is the same, Overdigm’s patented technology allows twice as better brightness and resolution,
compared to other company’s 3D displays.
Maintenance is easier since the patterns are printed directly on the glass barrier,
unlike other companies that utilize films or convex lenses(lenticular).
Parallax barrier using film is easily damaged.
Lenticular barrier using convex lenses is easily contaminated with various dirt, dust, etc.
Such scratch or contamination causes dramatic drop of resolution, thus requires a lot of effort and cost on maintenance.
Technology Comparison Overdigm Other Companies
Viewing Angle
With wide viewing angle, 3D effect can be seen dramatically in any angles.
Therefore, it has great publicity effect.
Wide Narrow
Adjusting viewing distance
Available to adjust viewing distance according to installation location which provides
maximum realism.
Easy Diffucult
Applying large panel
Since Overdigm can produce large size display over 65” for the first time in 3D display industry,
it can draw audience attention better than other displays.
Easy Difficult
With patented 3D mapping technology, it has high definition, resolution and brightness.
High Low
Price competitiveness
With great mass production capability, it has high price competitiveness than other products.
Excellent Insufficient

Overdigm is preparing to hold more patent to protect the quality and value.

Korea Patent Patent No : 10-0947675 Apparatus for Three-dimension Display Panel Manufacturing
Patent No : 10-1076705 Parallax Barrier and Stereoscopic Display Apparatus including The Same
Patent No : 10-1076706 Stereoscopic Display Apparatus
Patent No : 10-1088634 Stereoscopic Display Panel, Stereoscopic Display Apparatus, and Stereoscopic Display Method
Patent No : 10-1088635 Stereoscopic Display Panel, Stereoscopic Display Apparatus, and Image Display Method
U.S. Patent Patent No : US 9,357,201 B2
Patent : Stereoscopic Display Apparatus
Date : May 31, 2016
China patent 专利号 : ZL 2012 8 0006520.2
发明名称 : 视差屏障以及包含该视差屏障的立体显示装置
授权公告日 : 2017年 03月 15日