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Recolution of your eye-experience

The wide-viewing angle of Overdigm’s 3D display allows you to watch Overdigm’s superb 3D contents
with many people at the same time, not to mention the fact that 3D glasses are not needed.
Depending on the place where you wish to install Overdigm’s 3D display,
optimal viewing distance can be adjusted to suit your needs.

  • GLASSES-FREE Overdigm's' 3D display does not require 3D glasses, so you can watch comfortably anytime, anywhere.

  • DEAD ZONE-FREE Overdigm's 3D display shows clear 3D images and videos, even when you are watching on the move.

  • DISTANCE CONTROL For maximum 3D experience, Overdigm's 3D display can be optimized during the manufacturing process, according to your viewing distance.

Advantages of Overdigm's 3D Display

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Adjustable optimal viewing distance
  • Easy to manufacture large size
  • High resolution
  • Competitive price
New experience

Overdigm’s 3D display will bring great changes at various markets!

  • Entertainment / Culture - Theme Parks - Arcades - 3D Animations - 3D Movies - 3D Designs(3D building blueprints, 3D vehicle blueprints etc.)
  • Communications / Broadcast - 3D communication system - 3D TV meetings, conventions, and broadcasts - 3D telemarketing - 3D Hi-vision broadcasts via COMSAT - 3D BTV broadcasts by ISOB
  • 3D industrial machinery - 3D Super-large screens - Multi-view 3D Camera - 3D multimedia terminal equipments - Adaptations for VR systems - Building CAD, interior design
  • Education / Medical Industry - Educational displays(3G Science Class) - Virtual Universities(AV education) - Medical adaptations (3D Hi-Vision, 3D CT scans, remote controlled medical treatments and surgeries, medical simulators)
  • Aerospace / Aviation / Defense - 3D Pursuit Simulation - Simulated military training - Flight control display - Seabed search - Remote exploration(recon)
  • Home 3D Display - R&D for Household 3D Display(TV) - 3D color monitors - 3D display phone - 3D video/multimedia device